What is PPTK and why should we get involved?

How do I get involved?

ParentsPromiseToKids is an organization created by two Marjory Stoneman Douglas students who wish to strive towards change. Our organization is based off of doing one simple task: signing a contract. Parents will sign a contract and PROMISE their children that they will vote for politicians who will act on common sense gun laws. Children shouldn't fear for their lives while attending school. The only path towards change is through taking action and having a voice!

Getting involved in the movement is as simple as clicking a button! Visit our "contract" page and download the contract. Have a parent sign the contract and take a picture! Post your picture to Twitter/Instagram/Facebook with the hashtag #PPTK #ParentsPromiseToKids and #SafetyOverGuns. The more parents promise to vote for suitable politicians, the safer society will be.

After signing the contract, what else can I do?

Spread the movement with your friends and family! The more people involved in the movement, the greater chance of obtaining common sense gun laws! Majority always wins!

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