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People have downloaded our contract

RULES: 5 Simple Steps

Simple Steps


1. Download, print, and sign the contract


2. Take a family picture while holding up the contract


3. Post the picture to Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram using the following hashtags:






4. Tag and follow our social media 


Twitter: @parentspromise   

Instagram: @parentspromisetokids   

Facebook: @ParentsPromiseToKids

Please make sure to tag us @ParentsPromiseToKids
It is essential that you tag us exactly how it is written above. (tag case sensitive)



5. Important: Retweet and share other’s pictures and posts.

*This is essential in making our movement spread!

For parents promising to their children.

For grandparents promising to their children.

For companies, businesses, groups, organizations, other adults, etc. promising to America's children.

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